Find Your Slice of Paradise

Sections For Sale

Maea Fields sections will be sold in three stages, delivering 280 elegant new homes for the Waikato town. Take your pick from a range of section sizes and modern house plans.

Stage 1

All 91 of the Stage 1 lots are under contact with our Building Partners. For house and land packages in Maea Fields, please get in touch via the building partner links.

Lot (#)Area (㎡)PackageBuild Partner
1674㎡House & LandBennett Homes
2672㎡House & LandGJ Gardner
3672㎡House & LandMIlestone Homes
4650㎡House & LandGJ Gardner
5558㎡House & LandGJ Gardner
6451㎡House & LandHighmark Homes
7451㎡House & LandGolden Homes
8587㎡House & LandVenture Developments
9470㎡House & LandSentinel Homes
10496㎡House & LandThorne Group
11467㎡House & LandMike Greer Homes
12450㎡House & LandMike Greer Homes
13527㎡House & LandMike Greer Homes
14450㎡House & LandGJ Gardner
15468㎡House & LandGJ Gardner
16468㎡House & LandGJ Gardner
17450㎡House & LandGJ Gardner
18470㎡House & LandGJ Gardner
18450㎡House & LandVenture Developments
19450㎡House & LandVenture Developments
20468㎡House & LandVenture Developments
21468㎡House & LandVenture Developments
22450㎡House & LandVenture Developments
23457㎡House & LandMilestone Homes
24527㎡House & LandKeating Construction
25511㎡House & LandMilestone Homes
26511㎡House & LandMilestone Homes
27511㎡House & LandSentinal Homes
28511㎡House & LandUrban Homes
29543㎡House & LandUrban Homes
30543㎡House & LandBennett Homes
31511㎡House & LandBennett Homes
32511㎡House & LandHighmark Homes
33511㎡House & LandGolden Homes
34511㎡House & LandGolden Homes
35350㎡House & LandVenture Developments
36521㎡House & LandThorne Group
37456㎡House & LandThorne Group
38456㎡House & LandGJ Gardner
39509㎡House & LandGJ Gardner
40484㎡House & LandVenture Developments
41456㎡House & LandVenture Developments
42465㎡House & LandUrban Homes
43359㎡House & LandUrban Homes
44359㎡House & LandUrban Homes
45451㎡House & LandUrban Homes
46456㎡House & LandVenture Developments
47484㎡House & LandVenture Developments
48507㎡House & LandGJ Gardner
49456㎡House & LandGJ Gardner
50456㎡House & LandThorne Group
51521㎡House & LandThorne Group
52521㎡House & LandThorne Group
53450㎡House & LandThorne Group
54450㎡House & LandGolden Homes
55476㎡House & LandGolden Homes
56501㎡House & LandBennett Homes
57477㎡House & LandBennett Homes
58473㎡House & LandHighmark Homes
59597㎡House & LandGolden Homes
60474㎡House & LandGolden Homes
61450㎡House & LandBennet Homes
62451㎡House & LandBennet Homes
63583㎡House & LandGolden Homes
64601㎡House & LandGolden Homes
65504㎡House & LandVenture Developments
66494㎡House & LandVenture Developments
67552㎡House & LandGolden Homes
68471㎡House & LandBennett Homes
69471㎡House & LandVenture Developments
70471㎡House & LandVenture Developments
71471㎡House & LandGJ Gardner
72471㎡House & LandGJ Gardner
72471㎡House & LandGJ Gardner
73325㎡House & LandGolden Homes
74325㎡House & LandGolden Homes
75325㎡House & LandGolden Homes
76488㎡House & LandGolden Homes
77482㎡House & LandGolden Homes
78483㎡House & LandGolden Homes
79483㎡House & LandGolden Homes
80465㎡House & LandUrban Homes
81451㎡House & LandUrban Homes
82350㎡House & LandVenture Developments
83469㎡House & LandGJ Gardner
84450㎡House & LandGJ Gardner
85450㎡House & LandGJ Gardner
86450㎡House & LandGJ Gardner
87450㎡House & LandHighmark Homes
88451㎡House & LandVenture Developments
89450㎡House & LandVenture Developments
90450㎡House & LandBennett Homes
91450㎡House & LandBennett Homes

Build Your Dream Home

Stages 2 and 3 of the residential subdivision will be released soon. Lots will range from about 325m2 to 670m2, so whether you are looking to upsize, downsize or get onto the property ladder, Maea Fields has a space for you.

Build your dream home in a community of high-quality houses with stunning street appeal and plenty of space to grow. The flat backyards will be the perfect place for gardens to grow, children to play, pets to run around, and homeowners to entertain friends.

Kitchen dining room in showhome